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My Approach

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Over the course of my career, I have supported numerous clients in taking the first step towards healing and growth. As a certified trauma therapist, I provide an atmosphere of support and acceptance to individuals who are experiencing challenges with relationships, anxiety/depression, boundary formation, and self-regulation of emotions.


Typically, my clients have identified certain life experiences that have deeply impacted them and, additionally, prevented them from feeling good about themselves or living a happy and satisfying life. They may be aware of issues that seem to keep resurfacing over time, and get in the way of having more positive experiences or forming meaningful relationships with others. I’ve also often worked with clients who have witnessed or been directly impacted by a single traumatic event that has seemingly forever changed the way they see themselves and how they view the world. What all of my clients have in common, is that they hope to gain some insight and guidance, and to identify what “feeling better” looks like for them.

As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker with a degree from Smith College School for Social Work, I specialize in working with adolescents and adults, providing individual therapy and family consultation in an outpatient private practice in Massachusetts. With a Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies, I offer holistic health and wellness targeted therapy that aims to heal the whole person, instead of simply targeting their symptoms. My therapeutic style encompasses a broad range of techniques but focuses on psychodynamic and relational approaches to treatment, with the intent of promoting overall holistic health and well-being.


Trauma often manifests physically as well as emotionally, so I find it most helpful for my clients to tie in mind-body techniques, while engaging their sensory systems, when working towards a place of coping and healing. This can sometimes include exploring essential oils and natural supplements, yoga, meditation, stretching, aromatherapy, and grounding techniques, as well as other body-based interventions. In my work, I have found that developing an individualized approach to treatment is the best way to meet my client’s needs, and is often the most effective way to establish a roadmap for change.